EXCLUSIVE: My viral video seen by millions worldwide.

  • Sicario (your Norwegian friend) says:

    Add me on Snapchat “atlasmma” love your videos brother.

    • Pat baker says:

      Please pass this around. YouTube removed it. I will be adding my life in Mexico and all about Ibogaine and Ketamine experiences really soon.

      • Angelo says:

        Yo pat this is Angelo we spoke on the phone for a few seconds back in 2015 asking for help was wondering how you were doing

  • Shawn W says:

    Love you PB say it back

  • Shawn says:

    Had to make my buddy watch Pat. Hope yur good.

  • Pat stole money from me says:

    Are you alive still?!?!

    • CHRISTINE says:

      Yes while he was in California, I gave him my number as he had claimed he was just robbed and was now going to have to sleep on a friends boat, he asked if I could help him out with some $, PROMISING TO PAY IT BACK VIA E-TRANSFER and Figuring he was an Aries, (usually don`t lie) as i am one to, i searched my place looking for $ to help him out. Being from canada the exchange rate would differ,I was able to come up with close to $100, US dollars, sent it through western union, with a pass word we had decided on as he apparently had no id, he called and thanked me, then went to his parents house in Florida, only for me to call him on his birthday and found out he was in Mexico, doing Payote, inviting me and other woman to go party with him and buddies. Now i see this holyier then thow person on here telling tales of how he paid for drugs, little did people know he was scamming others feeling bad for him to buy it. THANKS PAT, I WOULDN`T BELIEVE A WORD THE GUY SAYS NOW,….FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON YOU, FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON ME.

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